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The Northern Lights in Caithness

Posted: August 23rd, 2016 | Posted in: General News

Light up the Caithness sky with the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is an experience top of many people’s lists; however, they are often put off by the idea of having to pay to travel to Norway, Canada and other places that are famed for giving you the chance to see them.

Here in Caithness, we might just have the answer for you. So why not learn more about the Northern Lights before finding out alternative (and lower cost) destinations that will allow you to see them.

What are the Northern Lights?

Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are a natural occurring phenomenon that is down to our relationship with the Sun.

Seen as bright, colourful, dancing lights in the sky; the Norther Lights are caused by collisions between particles all charged up with electricity as they enter the atmosphere of the Earth.

Whilst they can be an assortment of colours they are often seen in pale green and pink shades. That said, in some cases violet, red and blue have also been reported.

The lights themselves can appear in different patterns from clouds of light to shooting rays; all of which can illuminate the sky with a haunting and fascinating glow.

Where can I see them?

As we have already discussed, many people think that the only way to see the Northern Lights is to head to Alaska or Norway and set up there. Whilst this is a great chance to see another part of the world as well as the natural light show, you might have just as good a chance of seeing them on your very own shores.

It may come as a surprise, but here in Northern Scotland we actually boast the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska, which means that you stand a great chance of witnessing the night sky lit up here!

When can I see them?

So now you know that Caithness is a particular hotspot for the Northern Lights you might wonder when it best to come and see them?

We recommend heading to Caithness during the Autumn and Winter months; whilst these might not offer the best weather, the longer dark periods and often clear nights mean that these are ideal sky spotting conditions.

You will also need to be prepared to stay up until the early hours of the morning to really get the best view so make sure that you pack plenty of warm clothes and take a flask of hot chocolate to enjoy whilst you are settling in for the night.

If you are tempted to head our way to discover the Northern Lights then check out our wonderful hotel. Based in Caithness and featuring everything that you could want in a hotel; we provide you with a warm welcome and an even warmer bed; exactly what you will need when you have been out all night watching the sky!

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