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It’s Time for Caithness to get Super-Fast (Broadband That is!)

Posted: September 8th, 2016 | Posted in: General News

The charm and character of the Highlands of Scotland is something that is largely thanks to the rich and diverse history of the area. Whilst we are proud of this amazing heritage, we know that sometimes even the most rural areas need to let go and bring themselves into the 21st century.
So, it came as little surprise that teenagers throughout the Caithness area were rejoicing when it was announced that the area is going to be a part of the £410 million Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband roll-out.

During the winter of 2016 our beautiful area of Caithness is going to be seeing some huge changes, in the form of a fibre internet connection! No longer will we need to sit and wait for pages to load; no more will the buffering circle be our worst enemy.

Nope, we are going to be living the high life, in the fast lane!

Super-fast fibres; the newest peace makers

Small businesses can finally rely on their internet connection in order to run their business and families can all connect at the same time, stopping those family arguments from erupting! This is life changing stuff her people!

Anything else that is great about this new super-fast internet connection?

With a better internet speed in our homes and businesses we can now load website pages’ faster. We can even have a number of pages open at the same time; imagine the possibilities for multiple shopping pages!

Not only this but we can stream all the latest TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime and a variety of other internet based providers. Stranger Things anyone?

All we can say is that we are excited about taking those first steps towards living in a modern life and we hope that our guests feel the benefit when they come to stay too.

So with this in mind. If you want to come and try our amazing new super-fast fibre internet for yourself then why not book in a break at Mackay Hotel?

Not only can you see the timeless beauty of the area, but you can also see just how much the uppermost part of Britain has coped with fully integrating itself into the modern world.

Next thing you know we will be making viral videos!

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