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Some of our best dishes at No.1 Bistro

Posted: February 26th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Not only is Mackays a great hotel to stay in, we are also able to boast some extremely delicious food.

Our restaurant, No.1 Bistro is responsible for a variety of amazing dishes, creating food that not only tastes fantastic, but looks great on the plate too.

We are proud of the amazing kitchen staff, and want to dedicate this particular blog post to some of the creations they have presented to our diners.

Lunchtime wraps

Lunch may not always seem like the most exciting meal of the day, but at No.1 Bistro we take pride in each and every dish we serve. Just look how beautiful we can make a simple wrap look? Believe us, this is a lunchtime treat that tastes as good as it looks.

Chocolate and Guinness Cake

Whilst one of these ingredients are taken from our Irish cousins, our chocolate and Guinness cake is all our own creation. With a whole host of added extras, this cake still manages to stand alone. Both in look and flavour. The ideal way to finish off your meal!

Mey Selection Beef

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. This beef dish may be tiny, but it is amazingly mighty. All the of the flavours come together to create a taste sensation and it is wonderfully cooked and finished off by our expert chefs!

Marvellous Venison

We love being able to take local meats and transform them into something amazing. The main star of this particular dish has to be the venison which is not only delicious and flavoursome, but is cooked to perfection too.

Beautiful Buffet Food

Who said that finger food had to be dull and boring? Not us. Our chefs at No.1 Bistro are not only experts in creating amazing dishes for people to sample in the restaurant. But they are also able to transfer these skills into delicious buffet food too. Items that often feature on our buffet menu include Cajun chicken strips, black pudding bon bons and roast beef in Yorkshire puddings.


Even the humble pie gets a special makeover at No.1 Bistro. This amazing chicken and mushroom pie created by our chef is not only beautiful, but it is a modern and delicious take on how a pie is always thought to look.

Have these pictures got your mouth watering? If so, why not come and pay us a visit? Whether you simply come to eat at No.1 Bistro, or want to stay in the hotel too. We are the ideal place for that special meal, or simply a treat that you didn’t have to cook for yourself.

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