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The best sunset photos of Caithness

Posted: March 2nd, 2017 | Posted in: General News

One of our most favourite things about living in Caithness has to be the natural landscape that surrounds us. Whilst it looks gorgeous all of the time, we think that there is something truly special that happens when the sun starts to go down.

To show off just how beautiful Caithness can look with a sunset as it’s backdrop, we have put together some of our favourite sunset photos of the area.

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Sunset At Saipem 7000

Oil rigs may not be everyone’s idea of beautiful, but when they are backed by the lovely warm orange glow of a sunset, they take on an entirely new look. This photo of a sunset at Saipem 7000 just proves how stunning they can be.

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Sunset Looking South From Wick

A great sunset picture doesn’t always have to have something in the foreground, sometimes the sunset alone is enough. This particular sunset photo just concentrates on the beautiful colours that all appear when the day ends.

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Sunset from a boat heading back to Scrabster Harbour

Fishing is a huge part of the local area, with so much water around us, this makes perfect sense. Not only does fishing allow you to get out on the open water, but it also lets you get up close and personal with the local wildlife. Something that this photo proves.

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A print of a Caithness Sunset

It doesn’t always have to a photo that captures the beauty of Caithness, it seems that artists are also incredibly inspired by the local sunsets here in Caithness. So much so that they capture all the beauty in their own way with artwork.

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Dunnet Beach at Sunset

There is something magical about taking in a sunset on the beach. Here in Caithness, we have some amazing coastal areas that are not only beautiful in their own right, but take on a whole new look as the sun goes down.

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South Head at Sunset

It isn’t only the sandy beaches that can give the ideal location for sunset images, the more rugged and dramatic areas can also allow you to capture a stunning picture. Something that the rocky area of South Head just proves in this image.

As you can see, Caithness is a gorgeous are to visit when the sun goes down. However, it is also just as stunning when the sun is shining, or even when the sky is looking a little grey too.

Tempted to come and see the glorious sunset for yourself? Why not come and stay with us here at Mackays Hotel and take in the beauty of the sun setting on another day for yourself?

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