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The most shocking and breath taking photos of Caithness

Posted: March 10th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Like many parts of the world, Caithness is an area of great contrast. Not only does it have areas of natural beauty and peaceful landscapes, it also is an area that is packed full of drama too.

To celebrate the most shocking and breath-taking photos of Caithness, we have put together our most favourite images captured throughout the local area.

Photo credit

Dunnet Head lighthouse star trails with a hint of aurora by Gordon Mackie

It is no secret that Caithness is a great area to take part in a bit of Northern Lights spotting. No surprise that it is often the subject for a number of photos. We particularly love this image captured by Gordon Mackie as not only does it feature a tiny glimpse of the aurora, but it also has Dunnet Head Lighthouse in the image too, and a rather amazing assortment of star trails.

Photo credit

Achavanich Standing Stones in Caithness, Scotland under the night sky by Graham Mackay

Keeping on the night-time theme, we adore this image captured of the Achavanich Standing Stones under an incredibly starry night sky. There are so many times that we find ourselves looking up at the beautiful clear sky above us and feeling very lucky that we get to see this sight. We are also thankful that Graham Mackay managed to capture it in a picture too!

Photo credit

Thurso River by Rachael Taylor

When you capture an image in black and white it seems to take a whole different look. We think this black and white image of Thurso River by Rachael Taylor is absolutely breath taking. It showcases all of the power of the Thurso River and showcases it in a beautiful way.

Photo credit

A Caithness Rainbow by Richard Leeming

Rain is part and parcel of living in Scotland, whilst we may not love having to make sure we have an umbrella at all times. One of the best bits of coping with grey skies is that we see our fair share of rainbows here in Caithness. This particular image is one of our favourites. Not only are the colours of the rainbow beautifully vibrant, but it also looks stunning when contrasted against the lush green fields!

Photo credit

An aerial view

It isn’t just the more rural landscapes in Caithness that make for a great photo. Sometimes getting into the heart of the villages and towns can make for breath taking images. We love this aerial view, not only does it show the stunning buildings, but makes our local area somewhere you have to visit!

Think that you would like to see these amazing images for yourself? If you do, then why not book in to stay with us here at Mackays? We are the ideal base for your Caithness break, allowing you to explore the entire area and see some of these amazing sights up close and personal.

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