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Wick High School student wins national technology award!

Posted: March 30th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

We all know that children are our future, and it makes us smile at Mackays when we see a local teenager or child achieving something great.

The local area isn’t short on talented people who are on the rise, those who are developing their skills. Whether in business, technology, medicine or sport. All things that make us incredibly proud to be Scottish!

A recent news story released by Wick High School definitely caught our attention. 16 year old Ellora James, a S5 student, was the winner of the FDM Every Woman in Technology Awards One to Watch award!

Attended by over 550 business and industry leaders from around the world, this award is big news, especially for a girl who is that young.

Ellora impressed the judges for this particular award after teaching herself HTML and CSS Coding. Not only this, but she also decided to use these skills that she acquired by passing on the younger students in the school, all through the Apps for Good Programme.

It seems that Ellora was incredibly shocked, but proud of herself for winning this award, and that it has only served to ignite her future plans to achieve great things.

She wants to become a role model, and inspire other young people to set great goals and achieve them. Just like her.

The plan for Ellora is to study for her Advanced Higher Qualifications next year, concentrating on computing, maths and English. After this she wants to head off to University (although which one is yet to be decided) and study a computing degree.

We are incredibly proud of what Ellora has achieved and we want to wish her congratulations on achieving this great accolade. We are definitely going to keep an eye out in the future to see exactly what she is going to achieve.

Not only this, but we also hope that by others hearing of her story, they too will try their best to be better.

After all, what could be better than a future of geniuses helping to make sure that Scotland stay’s great?

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