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The Best News Stories For Scotland So Far In 2017

Posted: April 8th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

After the somewhat shocking 12 months that 2016 had to offer us, here at Mackays we have been keeping a close eye on the news for 2017.

So, what has the year had to offer us so far?

More training support for Scottish head teachers

We all know that the education of our children is key and the best way to get the most from education is to put back into it.

That means we were excited to read that a new Scottish Government scheme worth £3.5m has been put in place. Called the Excellence in Headship programme, it helps those who lead a school to improve the training within their school.

Making sure that staff throughout the school can be the best that they can be.

A bit more beavers in the Northwest Highlands

Beavers are cute little critters, and one of the things that we would love to see more of in the Highlands. With this in mind 2017 has seen a conversation charity decide to try their best to reintroduce beavers to the area.

Tress for life have been working for more than 25 years to bring back the native species to Scotland, and it seems that they have their sights firmly set on a particular area of the Highlands!

This is on the back of the Government’s decision that already introduced beavers to Scotland to remain, and can even be offered a protected status to help keep their numbers up!

A new whisky distillery for Inverclyde

One of the best things about being Scottish is the knowledge that we make the best whisky in the world! Better yet, we get to enjoy it too.

So, we were more than just a little bit excited to hear about a new whisky distillery and visitor centre being planned in Inverclyde. The company behind the new opening has secured planning permission and is now set to raise as much money as possible to get the plans into action!

The toughest marathon on Earth and a Scottish hero

The 6633 Ultra is a 350 mile marathon that is like no other. Held above the Artic Circle, it is one of the coldest and toughest foot races known to man. The competitors must complete the route in less than 8 days. Not an easy feat, and plenty fail.  We were excited to hear that a former Commonwealth Games cyclist has become the first Scot to finish it, and therefore has secured himself a place in our hearts, as well as the record books!

These are just some of the news stories that we have read over the past few months. With 8 months left of the year, we are sure that there will be plenty of other great news stories released.

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