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Archive for May, 2017

The Best Musicians That Scotland Has To Offer

There is no doubting that up here in Scotland we are responsible for breeding some of the most talented people out there. Sportsmen and women, actresses and comedians are just some of the celebrities that have Scottish blood. But it doesn’t stop there, in fact there are plenty … Read more…

Celebrate Whisky Month with us!

In honour of Whisky Month we are celebrating by holding a Whisky Tasting in Mackays Hotel on Saturday 27th may at 7:30 pm. Michael Hanratty will be taking you round the oldest distilleries of the regions with this tasting. Michael, who is General Manager of Carnegie Whisky Cellars … Read more…

All About The Highland Games

When you think about Scotland, there are sure to be some aspects that instantly jump into your mind. Kilts, bagpipes, perhaps a Haggis or two, all of these things have become quintessentially Scottish over the years. Another much loved aspect of Scottish life, and Scottish culture too has … Read more…

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