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Archive for June, 2017

The Castle of Mey

If there is one thing that we are not short of here in Scotland, it is beautiful castles. Here in Caithness we are incredibly proud of all the historic buildings that we call our own, in particular the Castle of Mey.  The most northerly inhabited castle on the … Read more…

Some of our favourite photos of Caithness in the Spring

Caithness is beautiful no matter the season, this has to be one of the reasons why we love living here. However, there is something that is really special about Springtime. Yes, we know it’s officially summer, but springtime heralds the arrival of new flowers, animals and plants, and … Read more…

You did what in a kilt?

The kilt may be a traditional item of clothing in Scotland, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an amusing piece of clothing. Whilst you may often see men wearing kilts with slightly stern faces, there have been plenty of fun (not to mention a little bit naughty) … Read more…

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