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Haggis anyone? Why not try these epic traditional Scottish foods?

Posted: June 16th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

When you think of a traditional Scotland, then chances are that you will think of bagpipes, kilts and sporrans. These are of course things that you can associate with us up here in the North, however, we also have a wide variety of amazing foods that could be classed as traditional fare.

Here at Mackays, not only are we fiercely proud of being Scottish, but also, we love food. Which means that it makes perfect sense for us to showcase some of the popular traditional Scottish foods that you are likely to find if you pop up North of the border.


Possibly the most iconic food that you can have here in Scotland. Some people seem to think that Haggis isn’t exactly appetising, due to the ingredients, however, if you give it a go, then there is a good chance that you are going to be pleasantly surprised! It is spicy, meaty and moist and it is fantastic to enjoy on a winters night, not only on Burns Night, when it is the traditional dish.


One thing is for sure, here in Scotland we have become experts in crafting amazing whisky. So much so, that whisky is the national drink of Scotland. There are a number of different regions in Scotland that sell whisky and each one tastes that little bit different. Local to us is Old Poulteney. Which is a top class distillery.  To make sure that you find one that you love, why not take a distillery tour, and make sure that you try a dram or two?


For those that love to indulge their sweet tooth, Scotland can deliver on this front too. Scotland is known for creating the most delicious shortbread. Buttery, crumbly and delicious, if there is ever a reason to treat yourself, then Scottish Shortbread is it!

Cullen Skink

The weather isn’t always great up here in Scotland, which means that we need to find ways to warm ourselves up. Cullen Skink is just such as way. A smoked fish soup, it is packed full of leeks and potatoes for a truly amazing flavour! We highly recommend trying this with a warm piece of bread.


Another sweet treat, after all, we are known for having a sweet tooth here in Scotland, is Tablet. Tablet is relatively easy to make, all you need is condensed milk, butter, sugar and butter, all boiled together and left to harden. Rather unsurprisingly it is often flavoured with whisky, after all, it is a Scottish creation!

Fancy trying any of these foods for yourself? Why not come and stay with us in Mackays, and work your way around Scotland, trying all the amazing food for yourself. You may be surprised by what you find you like, although, we have to say, maybe stay away from the famous deep fried Mars bar.

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