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Some of our favourite photos of Caithness in the Spring

Posted: June 22nd, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Caithness is beautiful no matter the season, this has to be one of the reasons why we love living here. However, there is something that is really special about Springtime. Yes, we know it’s officially summer, but springtime heralds the arrival of new flowers, animals and plants, and is the time when the world is erupting into colour.

Not only this, but the weather starts to get warmer, the days longer and the rain (sometimes) waves goodbye.

With this in mind, here at Mackays we have put together some of our most favourite springtime images from the area. All to prove why we believe that Caithness is a great place to visit if you are looking for a beautiful break.

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Flowers in Spring

One of the best things about Spring is that all the flowers start to pop up out of the ground.  There is plenty of wildland around us here in Caithness, which means that flowers are pretty abundant. That doesn’t make them any less special, and even wildflowers can offer some really Spring beauty!

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Ackergill Castle, surrounded by colour

We love this picture simply because it is the perfect showcase of two of the things that make Caithness so special. The amazing natural landscape that surrounds us, and the fantastic, rich history that we are very proud of. Ackergill Castle is a fantastic place to visit, particularly in the Spring, when it is surrounded by fantastic bloom.

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Nature waking up…..

The cliffs of Caithness are absolutely packed full of different birds, all calling it their home. These birds will build their nests high up in the rocky outcrops, and make sure that their new babies are perfectly protected. Wildlife is a big part of Caithness and is something that we are incredibly proud of. This image just shows why we love to protect the birds that surround us.

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In all its forms

It isn’t only birds that seem to pop up more during the Spring months, there are a whole host of other creatures that make an appearance too. Seals in particular love the warmer weather that Spring brings, and will often be seen lounging around on the coastal regions of Caithness. A great sight if you are someone who loves to nature watch, or take amazing photographs.

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A touch of Spring sunshine

The world looks much more beautiful when it has a touch of sunshine on it. This is definitely something that this picture proves, as the sun rises over the houses of Caithness. It really makes for a powerful image.

Want to know just how awesome Caithness is? Why not book in to stay with us? Here at Mackays we have plenty of space, no matter the reason (or season), and can make the ideal base for you to explore the area.

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