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Head north to Dunnet Head

Posted: July 6th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

If you know your geography, then you will know that Scotland is the most northerly point in the UK. What you might not know, is here in Caithness, we have the most northerly point of the most northerly country, mainland at least. Dunnet Head.

People often think that John O Groats is the most northerly point on the Scottish mainland, often due to it being a starting or finishing point of a coast to coast adventure. However, Dunnet Head just beats it, being 11 miles more northerly.

Things to see

Given its northerly nature, you may think that Dunnet Head is a little abandoned, but this definitely isn’t the case. In fact, it is a fantastic place to come and visit. People are often delighted to discover the lighthouse, which has become a much loved focal point of photographs of the area. People have also been known to find the one track road, the B855, fun to drive on. Taking you from Brough to Dunnet itself, this is often a source of smiles for people who have visited the area.


Another reason that brings people to Dunnet Head, is the fishing. The lochs in the local area are re-stocked every 2 years with plenty of brown trout, all ready for the keen fisherman to catch. If you have a permit then you can fish between April and early October. Permits can be bought from CH Haygarth & Sons who are based within the village itself.

The landscape

Dunnet Head itself is a small site, in fact it is only 5m by 5m in size. However, it still offers some of the most impressive views across the Pentland Firth to Orkney. The area is packed full of amazing sandstone cliffs, which is not only a fantastic place to take a walk, but is also home to plenty of wildlife too. In fact, the area is so rich in birds and other creatures that it now boasts a nature reserve.

One of the best views is thought to be across the sea to Hoy, which you will find plenty of people taking in when they visit the area.

No matter the reason, it is definitely worthwhile visiting Dunnet Head if you are in the area. If you don’t fancy staying that far out, then why not book in to stay here at Mackays. We make the ideal base for you to head to Dunnet Head, as well as a number of other famous landscapes and areas in northern Scotland!

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