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Smoo Caves

Posted: July 21st, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Who doesn’t love the idea of exploring a cave? The answer is, not many people. That is why Smoo Cave in Sutherland, is one of the most popular tourist spots in the area.

This sea cave can be found just a mile east of Durness and is one of the most spectacular sea caves in the whole of Britain. The cave is carved into the dramatic limestone cliffs, which makes sure that it is sure to impress anyone who visits.

How the caves were created

It is thought that the caves were created by a burn that runs right down towards the rear chamber. Not only this, but also the natural erosion that occurs due to the sea. Both of these things have led to an interesting, dramatic, impressive and sometimes adventurous cave, that just cries out to be explored.

Getting to the caves

One of the best things about Smoo Cave is just how easy it is to get there. It has one of the biggest entrances of any sea cave in Britain, which is not only 50ft high but also completely floodlit inside. You can even get into the caves on your own two feet, rather than by sea. This is thanks to a path that takes you directly from the car park to the cliffs.

What about guided tours?

If you really want to see everything that the cave has to offer, then you may want to book in for a guided tour. Not only will this help you to feel safer whilst you explore, but also makes sure that you see everything that the cave has to offer too. #

It is important to remember that these tours are entirely weather dependant, and if there is adverse weather, they won’t be happening. However, if you can book onto a tour, then you can expect it to take around 20 minutes, and really take you into the fascinating heart of this amazing cave.

Why head there?

There are a variety of reasons why Smoo Cave is a place that you can visit if you are booked in to stay with us here at Mackays. It is not only a natural landscape that is sure to impress, but it is also somewhere to have an adventure, get your pulse racing and working up a sweat.

So, if you think that you want to try out being a cave explorer for an afternoon, why not book in with Mackays and turn your adventure into a short break. Not only is there plenty of other things to do in the area, but here at Mackays, you will have the ideal place to collapse when you are worn out from all that exploring.

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