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Reasons To Come To The Highlands This Summer

Posted: July 27th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

When it comes to booking a holiday to the Highlands, there really is no better time than in the summer. Not only is this when your kids are off on their holidays, making it easier to bring them, but the Highlands is also a great destination for a summer holiday too.

But why? What are the reasons why you need to come to the Highlands for your summer holiday?

The weather is always that little bit better

We are not always blessed with the best weather in the UK, and the Highlands is no exception. If you are looking for at least a little bit of sunshine during your break, then it makes sense to try and book your holiday during the summer months. At least that way you might find it warm enough to only wear one scarf (we joke, you may not even need to bring your jacket).

The beaches are awesome

You might not always think of beaches when you plan a holiday to Scotland, but when the sun is shining the dramatic and rugged coastlines of the Highlands are a great place to spend some time. Whether you head on some cliff top walks, sit on the sand or splash in the sea, you will always find some fun on the coasts of the Highlands.

You can explore nature

There really is no better feeling then taking a walk in the sunshine, particularly if the landscape is as beautiful as it is in the Highlands. There are so many woods, lochs and beautiful natural scenes for you to explore that you will never be stuck for things to do.

The wildlife

There are plenty of different creatures that call Scotland their home, and summer is a great time to come and see them up close and personal. Whether it is the birds, the sea creatures or those on the land, there is nothing like seeing them out and about during the summer months.

Thinking that you may be heading for a summer break in the Highlands? Want to find the perfect destination for your break? If you do, then why not book in to come and stay with us here at Mackays. We are dedicated to making sure that every one of our guests has the very best break. No matter what the season, and no matter what the weather is like outside.


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