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Points of interest and landmarks in and around Sutherland

Posted: August 31st, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Not only is Sutherland and the surrounding areas a beautiful place to visit on a family or romantic break, but it is also an area that has plenty of things that you can do to fill your time. Here at Mackays, we see plenty of people coming to stay with us for a short break, and that means we need to know plenty about the local area.

With this in mind, we have put together some of the best points of interest and landmarks in and around Sutherland, all great things that you should plan to see or experience during your time in the area.

Duncansby Head

It is no secret that John O’ Groats is a popular Scottish tourist hotspot, and if you visit Duncansby Head, the most north easterly point of the area, then you will see why. Not only is it a fantastic place to enjoy a coastal walk, but it also offers some of the most stunning views of the natural landscape possible. Ideal for those who love to take some photographs.

Achmelvich Beach

If you love nothing more than relaxing on golden sands, then Achmelvich Beach has to be the place for you. During the summer months, the beach can get busy, but with good reason. It is a popular spot for not only families to spend some quality time together. But also for water skiers, windsurfers and kayakers too.

Loch Assynt

It wouldn’t be a trip to Scotland without a visit to a Loch, and if you are looking for a picturesque loch that really captures your imagination, then you should definitely visit Loch Assynt. Not only a stunning body of water, it also is home to a number of historic monuments too, which is a fascinating insight into how the landscape of Scotland used to look.

Whaligoe Steps

If you are feeling fit and healthy, then maybe you want to tackle the Whaligoe Steps. Here you will find 330 steps, which take you down a steep cliff face. For those that are feeling up to the challenge, you will be delighted to find a dramatic and rugged bay that is relatively secluded, apart from those brave few that have tackled the steps with you.

Kylesku Bridge

Bridges are a marvel of engineering and if you are looking for a fine example of bridges, then Kylesku Bridge is one that you should definitely check out. This bridge is famous for its curved nature, which makes it a popular place for visitors all the year round.

Carn Liath Broch

If you are a fan of historic remains and architectural sites, then you need to plan on a visit to Carn Liath Broch. This broch offers an insight into a slice of history of the area, and features walls that are still 12ft high in some places. The Broch also has an entrance passage which is perfectly preserved, rather impressive given the age of the site.

So, as you can see, if you book in to stay with us here in Sutherland, then you will be treated to some amazing points of interest and landmarks throughout the area.

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