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The Best Scottish Ales and Beer

Posted: October 5th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

When you think of Scottish alcohol, then chances are that you will think of Whiskey. Whilst Scotland is known to produce some pretty awesome Whiskey, that isn’t the end to the talent here.  In fact, Scotland is also home to a variety of ales and beer, all of which are delicious and have their own distinct place in the market.  Want to know more? Here is our round up of some of the best Scottish Ales and Beer.

Swannay, Old Norway

Orkney isn’t always the warmest of places, which means that those people that live there need something to warm them up come the winter. The beers made by the Swannay Brewery are delicious and warming, perfect for those long winter days. This particular barley wine isn’t for everyone, however, it has thick and sweet malt flavours with a burst of American hops, which is ideal for sipping or for when you just want a slightly different beer.

Fyne Ales, Jarl

Based in Argyll, this lovely beer is offered as a light option for those that don’t want anything too heavy. It has some rather refreshing citrus notes underneath it and also has a dry, grassy bitterness that doesn’t really hit you until the end. Whilst Loch Fyne may be famous for its Oyster farms, it is this beer that we really love!

Stewart Brewing, Ka Pai

A relatively new brewery, only formed in 2004, Stewart Brewing is based in Edinburgh and offers a new and unique approach to brewing. Not only do they want to make high-quality beer, but they also want to have fun whilst they do it. This straw coloured ale comes from combining New Zealand Hops with the taste of East Scotland, creating a bitter yet dense ale that has some refreshing mango and citrus accents to it! The bottle is pretty interesting to add to your collection too!

Williams Bros, Fraoch Heather Al

If the previous ale is fresh to the market, this one is a little more on the historic side. In fact, this particular Heather Ale is based on a recipe that is thought to be 4,000 years old. Rather than making this a dull choice, it is actually still as good as some of the newer options out there. With floral notes and tinted malt flavours. When you enjoy this you can really savour what an expert brewer can achieve.

Fancy sampling some of these amazing beers for yourself? The majority can be found online, or in local supermarkets and some here at Mackays. Even better, why not organise to visit one of the breweries in person? Not only will you get the chance to try the beers that are made there in their freshest form, but you can also learn more about the heritage and natural landscape that makes Scotland such a wonderful place to live, work or visit.

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