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Wick Academy Football Club

Posted: October 12th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Whilst football may not be for everyone, we are pretty proud of the Wick Academy Team.  Sure, they are not driving around in Ferarri’s, but that doesn’t take away from their skill and passion. With this in mind, we think that more and more people should be getting behind our boys. Even those that are just visiting.

The beginnings of Wick Academy Football Club

Playing in the Scottish Highland Football League, Wick Academy Football Club is the most northerly senior football club. Based here in Wick, their home matches are played at Harmsworth Park, a small ground that is right in the heart of the beautiful countryside that we call our own here in Caithness. They were originally named Harrow Park when the team first started on their campaign to win.

The club was formed in 1893, which means that for over 100 years, there has been a team that playing for Wick. Something that we are definitely proud of. They took their name from the cricket club which had been in existence for around 20 years.

Joining the Highland League

The club joined the Highland League in 1994, and remain a part of this league to this day. They play a wide range of home and away matches, facing teams such as Deveronvale, Bora Rangers and Cove Rangers.

Over the years the team at Wick Academy have played hard and they have finished their seasons in the top 5 on several occasions; a great performance for any team. They play with passion, pride and you can really see them really up when they are supported by both locals and those that are just visiting the area.

Supporting the team

One of the best ways that you can support the team is to head to a match and cheer them on. But this isn’t the only way. You can also support individual players by sponsoring them for the course of a season. Your name will be printed as their sponsor and you can also have your picture taken with the player, which will be framed ready for you to display. Ideal if you are a big fan, or are looking for a gift for someone who is.

So, if you are coming to stay at Mackays over the next few months, and need a bit of a football fix, then you might want to pop down to Wick Academy.  They may not be playing in the premier league, but they are definitely a top class team that is worthy of a cheer or two!

Here is their fixture list so that you can check out whether there is a match when you come to visit.

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