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All about Caithness

Posted: October 26th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

One of the most unspoilt areas of the UK, Caithness has a dramatic and rugged beauty that really draws visitors each and every year.  The great thing about the area, is that no matter the season, it is a wonderful place to visit. So, if you want to know more about the area, why not take a read through our guide to Caithness?


The name Caithness is an Old Norse name that is a combination of the Catt, the people of the Pictish tribe that lived there and an Old Norse word for Headland. Originally it was referred to as Katanes, “headland of the Catt People” but it then became Caithness over time.

Caithness was a part of Inverness until in 1455, the Earl of Caithness decided to apply for independence from the sheriffdom. This wasn’t fully agreed until 1641 when parliament declared that the shire of Caithness was now fully separate to Inverness, and controlled their own legal cases.

Nature and landscape

Whilst the harsh weather and rugged scenery may look like the last place you expect an abundance of wildlife, the truth is that Caithness is a great place to get up close and personal with some fascinating wildlife. In fact, Caithness is known to be home to some rare and fascinating animals. This includes Harbour Porpoises, dolphins, pilot whales and seals. You may even see an otter or two, if you are in a quiet river area where they love to hide away.

The great thing about Caithness and the landscape is that there is a real variety in what you can see whilst you are there. To the East there is the low-lying coast which offers a great place for families to spend the day or for those who love nothing more than wandering along the beach. To the North there are high cliffs and amazing places such as Duncansby Head, which is great for those who want to capture some beautiful photographs.

If you want a more vibrant and lively place then you need to head to either Wick or Thurso, both of which are based on harbours, which unsurprisingly, means that the main income is made from fishing and of course the tourists who visit too!

Think that you like the sound of Caithness? Want to see it for yourself? Here at Mackays we love to welcome new visitors to our hotel and make sure that they have the best stay possible. Why not get in touch with us and see if you can book in?

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