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All about Sutherland

Posted: November 2nd, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Located on the most Northern Highlands of Scotland, those who visit Sutherland come for the peace, the beauty and of course the amazing scenery. There are around 13,000 people living in the 2,300 square miles, this means that not only is Sutherland remote but it is also sparsely populated, ideal if you are looking for an escape from everyday life.

Tempted to come and visit Sutherland, but want to know more about the area? Why not check out this blog post that is dedicated to all things Sutherland and the amazing area?


Much like the rest of the Highlands, Sutherland has a rich and interesting history. The name comes from the Viking settlers who came to Caithness, which referred to everything below Caithness as “The Southlands”.

Despite this naming, it seems that the area itself dates much further back than this Norse time. In fact, there have been findings that Stone and Bronze Age Man settled here, followed by the Picts and the Scots sometime later.

Over the years the area grew with communities forming throughout it. These small pockets would run the farmland around their own area and lived a simple life up until the 18th century where they remained relatively isolated. During the 18th and 19th century, the people who owned the land were moved on by those looking to make money from it, and they found themselves living nearer to the coast, or out of Sutherland entirely.

This has left a number of fascinating ruins around the area, which are fantastic places to explore.

The natural landscape

Despite the rich history attracting visitors, it is the natural landscape that also brings them in. Much like some of the surrounding areas in the Highlands, Sutherland is full of conflicting natural scenery. To the East, where the land meets the North Sea, you will find lush green fields and plenty of long and sandy beaches for you to spend some time.

Travelling further inland and you will find a landscape that is more expected of Scotland, with lochs, rivers, moorlands and mountains. The North offers up majestic yet rugged scenery which is a great place for those who love to explore and take some fascinating pictures too.

Many people seem to think that Scotland is a cold, grey and rainy place. But Sutherland is relatively dry and is mild too, thanks to the gulf stream from the Atlantic.

Think that it is about time that you explored Sutherland for yourself? Want to know more about a beautiful, historic and remote area? Why not book in to stay at Mackays? Not only will you have the ideal base to explore the area? But once you are worn out, we will have a place for you to rest your weary head.


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