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Funny Scots, some of the best Scottish Comedians

Posted: November 16th, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Now, one thing that we know here in Scotland is that we are pretty great at creating comedians. After all, we are a funny old bunch! This means that it comes as no surprise to learn that there is a whole raft of awesome comedians who are Scottish born and bred.

Here at Mackays, we have decided to put together our list of some of the best Scottish Comedians. All just to show off how amazing we are as a country!

Sir Billy Connolly

The first on the list, and easily one of the greatest things Scotland has ever created. Sir Billy Connolly is a true representation of the amazing and unique humour that is found in Scotland. Not only is Sir Billy one of the funniest people ever to come from Scotland, but he is also an incredibly compassionate, caring and intelligent man too. All things that come together to not only make him an amazing comedian but an all-round amazing human too.

Frankie Boyle

He may be an incredibly controversial comedian, however, he is one that still has a loyal fanbase. The thing perhaps to keep in mind Frankie Boyle is the fact that he has some pretty impressive points on a number of issues around the world, particular calling out those who are hypocritical! Something that is definitely commonplace around Scotland.

Janey Godley

It isn’t just the guys in Scotland who are funny, Janey proves that the ladies are too. Perhaps best known now for an anti-Trump protest, she is a rambling yet incredibly witty comedian who has her funny tales firmly set in real life. We particularly love her material from the Domestic Godley show, where she gives her own opinion on housework and cooking.

Rab C Nesbitt

He may be best known for wearing a string vest and not doing much else, but Rab C Nesbitt, played by Gregor Fisher has still had a 30-year career and is one of Scotland’s best-known layabout exports. One of the things that the majority of Scots love about Rab is that he gives a rather frank, if not truthful insight into life in Scotland. Despite the fact that it may not be the most glamorous parts!

Kevin Bridges

One of the newer comedians out there to make it onto our list. A popular comic throughout the UK, this native Glaswegian has a rather frank, funny and utterly truthful take on modern life. Particularly life in Glasgow. We are looking forward to seeing how Kevin grows his style over the coming years.

We may not have any comedians in our midst here at Mackays, although we may have some that like to think they are funny. But what we do have is a dedication to providing the very best service to everyone who eats or stays with us.

And that is absolutely no joke!


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