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Interesting facts about Scottish Kings and Queens

Posted: November 23rd, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Royal history is fascinating, there is no doubt about that. With lots of drama and sabotage throughout the history of the monarchy, it is no surprise that there are a whole bunch of TV shows and stories out there that take their inspiration from the Royals.

What about here in Scotland? There has been an assortment of Scottish Kings and Queens throughout history. Some of which have some pretty impressive stories associated with them.

So, to help you understand more about the history of Scottish rulers, we have put together some of the strangest or most interesting facts about Scottish Kings and Queens.

Mary Queen of Scots

One of the best-known names when it comes to Scottish Royalty, the fascinating thing about Mary is that she became Queen at the tender age of 6 days. Her father James V died in 1542, and this meant that she was then the ruler without even being able to feed herself. Not only was she a monarch for her entire life, but she also faced issues about who she would be able to worry, with many people arguing even before she could walk. She was eventually sent to France at the age of 5 whereby at a very young age she was wed to the heir to their throne.

Alexander III

It seemed that Kings and Queens didn’t always fare particularly well during the medieval times, but Alexander III seemed to buck this trend somewhat. The only issue that this otherwise successful King had was that he had no living male heir. His wife had died along with their 3 children, which meant that when he died there was no-one to carry on his legacy. Desperate to protect this, he met with royal advisors who stated that he needed to find a new wife, so he set about finding one! It was decided that night that he would travel to meet this new suitor when he was told to spend the night at Inverkeithing, rather than risk travelling along a coastal path in the pitch black. Alexander ignored this warning and his body was found at the bottom of the cliffs the next day, where it is thought that his horse had lost its footing and fallen down the cliff. It was his death that caused a war for independence with the English.

Constantine II

When it comes to Scottish history there is plenty about English invaders, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a fair share of Scottish Kings invading too! Constantine II was crowned in 900 and ruled the kingdom of Alba. Not content with just this particular Kingdom, Constantine II set out on a combined invasion with the Norse King of Dublin, trying to take over some of the areas of North-West England. He did not win this battle and after surviving the conflict and heading back home, he abdicated his throne in 943 and became a monk instead.

As you can see, we have had plenty of interesting monarchs throughout the years in Scotland. Want to make sure that you feel like a king or a queen when you come to Scotland? Why not stay here at Mackays, where you can definitely be sure to receive a royal welcome!

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