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The many habitats of the Highlands

Posted: December 21st, 2017 | Posted in: General News

Now it is time for a bit of a Geography lesson! When you think of the phrase habitat, then chances are that you will think of rainforests, deserts and other far-flung places. Whilst this is right, there are some fascinating habitats that are a little bit closer to home. For instance, here in the Highlands, it might seem that the land is all the same, but it in actual fact there is a variety of habitats throughout the area, all boasting their own climates and wildlife.

Want to know more about the many habitats of the Highlands?


When it comes to woods and trees, this is definitely something that you will find throughout Scotland. In fact, it makes up a rather impressive part of the Scottish landscape, even right up in the highlands. Here you will find the beautiful Birchwoods which not only contain birch but also willows, aspens and rowans too. All creating a fascinating place to take a walk through.


Scotland is well known for having plenty of rolling hills and mountains spread throughout the country, and we have our fair share here in the Highlands. Whilst it may not be nearly as tall as Ben Nevis, one of the most fascinating, if not one of the highest mountains that we have here in the Highlands, is Suliven. A weird and wonderful shape, this mountain is found in a wonderfully remote area that is perfect to explore.

Peat bogs

They might not sound like the most appetising place to visit, but peat bogs are a huge part of the Scottish landscape and can be found throughout the North Highlands. They are known to be somewhat of a living landscape, always changing and moving around. Not only this, but they are home to a vast array of birds and some interesting plant life too.


What would Scotland be without its glorious Lochs? These watery wildlife havens have been a part of the landscape of Scotland for an eternity and they are home to a real assortment of animals, birds and fish. As well as maybe a monster or two. One of the best things about living in the Highlands has to be the sheer number of Lochs that are spread out throughout the area, making it one of the best places to come if you want to take in these natural wonders.

So, now you know, the Highlands is the place to come if you want to experience a variety of habitats. Farmlands, bogs, heaths and mountains. If you book in to stay with us here at Mackays, then you can even discover the best habitat of all. A warm and cosy hotel that has plenty of delicious food!

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