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The beautiful wildflowers of Caithness

Posted: January 11th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

When you visit Caithness, one thing becomes obvious quite quickly; the entire area is rich in wildflowers and plants making for some of the most breathtaking natural landscape that you will see. Whilst some people may think of wildflowers as weeds, we certainly don’t!

Many of us Scots are incredibly proud of the wonderful flora and fauna that are native to our country, which is why we take great care of them! Not only this but here at Mackays we love the beautiful wildflowers of Caithness so much, that we have decided to show them off to you.

The Thistle

If there was a flower that ever signified Scotland, then it would have to be the Thistle. A brightly coloured, yet prickly plant, it is a beautiful thing to see amongst the lush green fields and hedgerows that you can find throughout Scotland.

Rosebay Willowherb

Have you ever seen large collections of pink flowers, all clustered together to create a beautiful scene? If you have, then these could have been the Rosebay Willowherb, which is seen in areas that don’t have the most habitable soil.

Corn Poppy

Who doesn’t love to see a field full of bright red poppies on a summers day? An addition found in some wild seed mixes, poppies are not only stunning, but they are also a symbolic and class flower too.

Corn Flower

One of the loveliest coloured wildflowers out there, the corn flower is soft and delicate. The perfect contrast against some of the more rugged parts of the highland. It is even an attraction to a common blue butterfly, who will often be seen feasting on the nectar from this particular flower.

Garlic Mustard

Often seen growing wild in woodlands and hedges, the Garlic Mustard plant loves nothing more than setting its roots in shady and damp conditions. This means that they can be seen as early as April, boasting garlic-scented leaves and flowers!

Meadow Buttercup

A common flower across the UK, the Buttercup is a favourite for children. Not only because of their bright and colourful petals but also because it can tell you whether or not someone loves butter!


When you smell Primrose in the air, then you know that spring is finally here. Often found in hedgerows and woodlands, Primrose is one of the earliest flowers to bloom, and boasts beautiful pale yellow flowers!

Tempted to come and see our wildflowers for yourself? If you want to get up close and personal to some of these amazing blooms, then why not book a stay here at Mackays? Set right in the heart of the beautiful landscape, we are the perfect place for you to come and discover the wonder of nature!

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