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Kilts and so much more, famous Scottish clothing and accessories

Posted: January 25th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

Tartan kilts have to be the most iconic clothes that are worn by men and women throughout Scotland. Whilst this is the national dress, there are some other clothes and accessories that you might find people wearing north of the border.


Wearing kilts was created in the Highlands of Scotland, originally it was simply a 5m long piece of cloth that was then wrapped around the waist, with the excess cloth then draped over the shoulder and pinning it in place.

Kilts are made from a material called tartan which comes in a variety of colours according to the area that it is produced in. This is all down to the fact that in the early days the tartan was coloured using dyes made from local flowers.

Rather than simply being a way to identify a clan, tartan kilts have now become somewhat of a fashion statement, and there have been plenty of instances of celebrities wearing them too.

Any other way to wear tartan?

Tartan doesn’t just come in the form of the kilt, there are also a number of other ways that you can rock the chequered look. Trousers, bags, shoes, ribbons in your hair and even a bow tie. Tartan can be worn in a variety of ways, showcasing your love of Scotland, even if you are not a born and bred Scot!

The Sporran

A Gaelic word for purse, the Sporran is essentially a small bag that is worn around the waist over the kilt. It was originally worn as a way to help the men carry around their valuable items, although never call it a handbag! Whilst the earlier versions were definitely made to be functional rather than stylish, nowadays sporrans have become as much as a fashion statement as the kilt has.

Some of the clothes may seem a little traditional and old-fashioned, but we are rather proud of the awesome traditional clothes and accessories that we have here in Scotland. There are a variety of places to find some of the traditional items, particularly in tourist areas and museums that detail the history of the country, and if you are looking for a great place to stay then you might want to head to Mackays.

Whilst we may be traditional in our welcome and atmosphere, we are certainly not outdated!

Maybe one day we will find that there are new trends in Scotland. Although for the time being, the majority of us are more than happy with the kilt!

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