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Why not go and fly a kite today? It’s Kite Flying Day!

Posted: February 8th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

You may not know it but today. 8th February, is national Kite Flying Day. Yep, you heard it right, Kite Flying Day.

Here in Wick, where Mackays Hotel is based, we are pretty much blessed with plenty of wind. This means that we are the ideal place to get out and fly a kite or two.

But what makes flying a kite a great way to spend a windy day?

It is great fun

One of the best things about kite flying is that it is great fun. Not only can you choose from a variety of bright and colourful  designs, but you can also have a good laugh trying to figure out how to get them in the air too!

You can do it as a family

Whilst it is possible to fly a kite solo, much like many things in life, it is much better when you do it together. Flying a kite is a brilliant family activity, not only is it perfect for smaller hands, but it also means that you have something to pull together and do as a family unit.

It isn’t always easy to learn

You may think that it is easy to learn how to fly a kite, and whilst the basic idea is easy, it is actually quite challenging to do. Everyone can benefit from challenging themselves from time to time, so, why not make kite flying your next hobby to take up?

You get outside and can explore nature

Being outside in the fresh air and natural surroundings is a great feeling. Not only does it mean that you can see all the wonderful nature that surrounds you, but also get yourself out of the house too. If you find that you need motivation or a reason to get off the sofa and turn off the TV, then you may want to consider treating yourself to a kite.

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth

Whilst you are going to have to buy the initial kite to fly, after that, it isn’t going to cost you anything. They come in a range of price brackets, however, you should remember if you want them to last and fly well, then you might need to make somewhat of an investment into it.

Thinking that you like the sound of flying a kite? Why not come and see us here at Mackays and not only explore the joys of kite flying, but also get to see the beautiful natural area too.

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