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The story of Scotch Whisky

Posted: April 16th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

Aside from Haggis and shortbread, if there is one thing that Scotland is known for making, then it has to be Scotch Whisky.

Sometimes just known as Scotch, this popular drink is a grain or malt whisky that is only made in Scotland. There are strict laws that govern the making of Scotch and these have to be followed by all distilleries. So, if you love a dram, or want to try your first one, why not read on to learn more about what makes Scotch so darn delicious!

The history of Whisky

It is thought that Scotch Whisky evolved from a Scottish drink which was known as uisge beatha, or the water of life, with production starting in the country as early as 1494!

It wasn’t until 1644 that Whisky production became a taxable product, which meant that more and more distilleries were producing what was known as illegal Scotch. During 1780 it was thought that there were as many as 400 illegal Whisky distilleries, compared to just 8 legal ones.

This issue led to the Government easing the restrictions during 1823 and allowing the Scottish Whisky production to rise and grow.

How is Whisky made?

There are five different categories that Scotch falls into. This includes single malt, single grain, blended malt, blended grain and blended Scotch. All Whisky has to be aged in a barrel for 3 years at very least.

The age of the whisky, or how long it has been in the cask, is shown on the bottle, and is offered as a guarantee that the very youngest part of it is reflected in this age!

Where is Whisky at now?

Still made up and down the country, there are now several different regions that are proud to produce true Scotch. The Highlands, however, is the biggest region that produces Whisky. This is thanks to the vast number of distilleries that are spread throughout the region, all creating and selling their own take on what makes for an amazing bottle of Scotch.

One of these distilleries is Old Pulteney. The most northern distillery of the Scottish mainland, there is something truly special about the Scotch Whisky that this particular place can create. A powerful and flavoursome single malt, the amazing bottles produced from Old Pulteney have been crowned award winners in a number of categories, just showcasing how amazing they are!

If you are thinking about heading to Scotland to sample of our famous Whisky, then you will need to book yourself a base. Why not try us here at Mackays? Not only are we are a wonderful hotel for you to say in, but we may have one or two drams here for you to sample too!

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