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All about the Iron Age in Caithness

Posted: June 18th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

The history throughout the Caithness area is not only fascinating but it is varied too. There have been plenty of dramatic things happening all over this beautiful area, and the locals and visitors alike love to learn more about the past.

So much so, that some people are taking a more present approach to a part of the history of the area. Chris and Shona Scatchard both from Caithness have a particular interest in the Iron Age, and even more so in the roundhouses that would have been seen throughout the landscape during these times.

Building the past

They have decided that in order to understand more about an important part of the Iron Age, they needed to build themselves a working roundhouse, and as there are little to none of the original structures remaining, this isn’t a particularly easy ask.

However, thanks to historical references, and plenty of local materials, they managed to achieve their dream and build a replica of the roundhouses of old.

Not every part of the Iron Age can be that easily brought back to life, so, to understand more about what it would have been like in Caithness during the Iron Age we need to dive into the history books. To help you to understand more we have put together some of the basics about the Iron Age in Caithness.

The Iron Age in Caithness

It is thought that the Iron Age in Scotland began somewhere between 800 BC and 500 BC, however, it was a little different here to the rest of the world due to the distinct lack of Iron! There would have been plenty of circular huts throughout the area, although these would have been found in a mostly basic form, with simple entrances and passageways.

Forts and hills were important during not only the Iron Age but the Bronze Age too and were built as a way to improve defences for those that lived there, from others who may want to invade or take over. Plenty of the bare bones of these hill forts can still be seen in Caithness in these modern days.

There were also Brochs found throughout the area; these tall, circular towers were built with 3m thick walls and sturdy wooden doors. It is still not known how many brochs were built in the area during the Iron Age, however, it is thought that these were plentiful.

Want to know more about the history of Caithness? If you do, then why not come and pay some of the local heritage, culture and history points a visit? You can book in to stay with us here at Mackays and get a chance to really see what the world would have been like all those years ago, as well as how awesome it is in modern day!

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