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Forget travelling the world in 48 days, travel Caithness in 24 hours

Posted: June 28th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

The saying goes, work hard, play harder. 

With the summer season in full swing, the temptations of a getaway are hard to resist.

This summer save your air-miles and find the perfect work balance through a dream getaway in the heart of Caithness, Wick.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, a Scottish Summer?

However, the rumours are true.

After a few decades based in the heart of Wick, you could call us an expert on all things Caithness.
If you fancy a weekend Highland experience, here’s a 24 hour itinerary of our perfect Caithness adventure.


Scottish Take on English Breakfast

9:00: Wick

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast’ – John Gunther

Every legendary weekend getaway requires the perfect beginning. Why not treat yourself to a dream breakfast at Mackays? With hot dishes to freshly prepared muesli and pastries, you’ll be fully fed and ready to face a day of Highland adventures!

10.30: John o’ Groats

Ever thought about how funny mountains are? They’re hill areas.

Venture up the road to the furthest most north point of mainland Britain. After a well deserved photoshoot, lose yourself along the north coast with the breath-taking sights of Dunnet Head and Duncansby Stacks.

13:00: Thurso

After tackling the northern winds, take refuge in Caithness’ Thurso, where you can sample the wide range of local restaurants and bistros.

To Gin or not to gin? Silly question
You’ve seen the bottles, why not come and see what makes Rock Rose Gin so special? That’s right, just past Thurso lies Scotland’s own Dunnet Bay Distillery!

15:30: Meet the Royals

Before venturing back to Wick, no true Caithness adventure would be complete without the royal experience.
Spend an afternoon exploring the Castle and Gardens of Mey, the former home of her Majesty the Queen Mother, and fall in love with the isolated charm of Scotland’s history.

19: 00: The Shortest Street in the World

‘Adventures only make you late for dinner’ – JR. R Tolkein

At Mackays, it’s never too late for dinner! Sit back and enjoy a quintessential Highland fayre like no other. With all of our produce sourced from local farms, the flavours of the far north are infused in every dish, creating a culinary experience like no other.

This time of year, global landmarks are often swarming, with over-enthused tourists spoiling those ever-important Instagram shots.

Luckily, the hidden landmark in Wick, Mackays, makes for a truly remarkable experience., Spend a night with Mackays on the Shortest Street in the world and tick off another Guinness wonder!

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