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Exploring Scotland’s North Coast 500

Posted: August 14th, 2018 | Posted in: General News


Dubbed as Scotland’s version of ‘Route 66’, the comparison fails to illustrate the breath-taking culture and heritage one embarks during the NC500 journey.

These Scottish wonders are by no means a recent addition to the picturesque qualities behind the mysterious Highlands – so why all the sudden interest?

Well, for that, the thanks lies to HRH Prince Charles and his direct involvements in bringing together the farming community and local businesses.

After years of efforts and collaborations to promote the sustainability and development of local communities in the North – the North Highland Initiative (NHI) was founded with the aims of supporting Tourism, Food & Drink and local Community Support.

These goals together provided the basis for Scotland’s trendiest getaway, the NC500 – a route designed specifically to bring you the finest of Scotland’s landmarks and food.

Taking the NC00 helps you to uncover the Highlands like never before. From forgotten ruins, exclusive distilleries to the freshest produce originating from land and sea specialities – there are few excursions that cater to all tastes like the NC500.

If you share a passion to explore the vast beauty of our native land, follow the link  for more Mackays top tips for the ultimate Highland experience.




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