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Top Five Reasons to Come to the Highlands this Winter

Posted: December 7th, 2018 | Posted in: General News

You’ve heard of a winter wonderland, so why not see it for yourself? Despite popular belief, winter in the Highlands is far more dreamy than it is dreich!

Here’s a list of the top five reasons you should experience Winter in the Highlands.

1. Witnessing nature’s greatest light show

Caithness is often described as ‘the low lands beyond the Highlands’ and is known for its open spaces and big skies, proving the greatest opportunity to experience the wonders of the Northern Lights.
Lying on the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway, winter nights offer the best chance to see the lights, also known in Scotland as ‘Mirrie Dancers’. Your chances of witnessing the marvel display are far greater in areas with limited light pollution, making places like Caithness’ flow country the perfect outing for your star gazing needs.

northern lights scotland winter highlands

2. Liquid Sunshine

You may not be able to experience the sunshine this season, but you sure can drink it!

The Highlands are home to an abundance of whisky distillers, some of which produce the greatest malts Scotland has to offer. It may be cold, but a wee dram or two will have you warm and feeling the Highland glow. Hosting over one hundred famous whiskies, there’s no place that will have you warmer than the Mackays Bar.

Mackays Bar whisky

3. Flow Country

This remote peat land habitat holds the greatest mysteries of Northern Scotland its rare species. As one of the least populated regions in Scotland, the RSPB Forsinard Flow fulfills the true definition of the great outdoors – allowing you to get a break from the everyday hustle and bustle! In addition to breath taking views, winter in flow country provides the greatest opportunity to get up close to wild red deer herds and test your tracking abilities in the snow!
If you fancy making a day of it, Forsinard Flow also makes for a brilliant location to begin your star gazing and constellation expeditions!


4. Fine Highland cuisine

You’ve heard the myths about gaining some extra padding during the Christmas season. If you’re going to indulge, we recommend doing it in style. The Highland offers a great culinary experience, offering an ample supply of fresh produce and traditional cuisine.

Taste the North with Mackays’ No.1 Bistro, where our award-winning menu uses the finest local produce to ensure that you taste the Highland spirit with every mouthful.

Mackays No. 1 Bistro
Mackays No. 1 Bistro

5. Let’s Get Festive

No doubt the winter period has you in full Christmas swing. However, in the Highlands, we’re only just getting ready for the fieriest of festivals – Up Helly Ah.
That’s right folks. Unveil your inner Viking with the Shetland’s annual Viking Fire Festival, the largest of its kind in Europe. Now this isn’t your usual bonfire celebration. Enjoy as thousands flock to the northernmost point of Scotland to commemorate the Vikings who once occupied and ruled this land over one thousand years ago. For further information, click here.


Now you’ve heard our story, why not have a look yourself? If you fancy exploring the Highlands this winter, be sure to stop by Caithness’ favourite home away from home, Mackays hotel. Whether it’s a hot meal, a cosy dram or a holiday package for the perfect weekend away, we’re here to make sure that there is nothing frosty about your plans this winter!

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