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Haggis Anyone? A Food Tour of the Highlands

Posted: January 10th, 2019 | Posted in: No1 Bistro

The New Year brings the irresistible promise of new opportunities and inevitable habit of setting resolutions which are broken before the years out. This year, Mackays invite you to join us in our resolution – a resolution to savour the tantalising flavours provided in the culinary masterpiece of traditional Highland foods. If you would like to join us on our foodie mission, or if you’re curious to see which snacks keep us northerners fighting fit – we invite you to enjoy our food tour of the Highlands.



So good that our beloved poet Robbie Burns had to pay tribute to it. The Haggis has long since been a meal worth saving for the most special of celebrations. Traditionally served with the infamous ‘neeps and tatties’, you can find this delicacy across the Highland local butchers or deep fried in your local chippy!



You may have discovered that when venturing into any high-end supermarket or restaurant, Scottish salmon is almost guaranteed to be featured. Why? Well, because it is (arguably) the best. Celebrated globally for its perfect taste and texture, Scotland is prime breeding ground for salmon. Be sure to sample the greatness of our sea life while in the heart of Scotland!

Pan seared salmon mackays hotel highlands caithness



Trusty and sturdy, this savoury biscuit has long been known as the greatest accompaniment of some of Scotland’s greatest cheeses. Speaking of which, Scotland is home to some of the greatest cheeses. If you yearn for a traditional flavour the Caboc is one of Scotland’s oldest cheeses, providing a smooth taste.

cheese oatcakes mackays hotel highlands


For those that love to indulge their sweet tooth, Scotland can deliver on this front too. Scotland is known for creating the most delicious shortbread. Buttery, crumbly and delicious, if there is ever a reason to treat yourself, then Scottish Shortbread is it!

shortbread mackays hotel caithness highlands


Another sweet treat, after all, we are known for having a sweet tooth here in Scotland, is Tablet. Tablet is relatively easy to make, all you need is condensed milk, butter, sugar and butter, all boiled together and left to harden. Rather unsurprisingly it is often flavoured with whisky, after all, it is a Scottish creation!



Whether it’s Scott’s Porridge Oats from the box or while dining out, nothing quite beats the hearty taste of traditional Scottish porridge. Unlike popular trends, it is made with salt, not sugar. If you can pick it up with your hands, don’t be alarmed! That’s how it’s supposed to look. Start your day the Scottish way with our long treasured porridge.

Scottish Porridge

Cullen Skink

The weather isn’t always great up here in Scotland, which means that we need to find ways to warm ourselves up. Cullen Skink is just such as way. A smoked fish soup, it is packed full of leeks and potatoes for a truly amazing flavour! We highly recommend trying this with a warm piece of bread, our guests often say it’s the best they’ve tasted!

cullen skink mackays hotel caithness highlands


A full Scottish

Now, although it may not be exactly traditional – this meal is one that must be sampled while in the Highlands. Similar to a full English Breakfast, the Scottish counterpart provides the spice you’ve been needing in your life. With the additions of black pudding and tattie scones, you can expect to leave the table feeling full and content.

Scottish Take on English Breakfast


So what are you waiting for? Kill two birds with one stone by travelling the far north while fulfilling your culinary desires. If you prefer a short journey rather than national tour, you will find many of these national delicacies in Mackays’ very own No.1 Bistro! Enjoy the traditional favourites in style with our Rosette award winning selection of Highland Fayre.

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