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Save the Date: Ancestral April

Posted: March 8th, 2019 | Posted in: Events, General News

From the Ancient Celts, the blasting Bagpipes to the bitter Clearances – centuries have molded the unique qualities of our fair Highlands. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Scotland’s heritage it’s easy to assume we all derive from angry Clansman that you see along with Mel Gibson in Braveheart or the rugged heroes in Outlaw King.

However, despite the Academy Awards, stories like this are only a scratch on the surface.

If you seek to dig a little deeper, there is an ample selection of ways in which you can walk the steps of our forefathers.


Dubbed as the Route 66 of Scotland, the NC500 trails offers the perfect journey to celebrate the wilderness, flavours and above all else – history of Scotland.

Explore the remains of prominent clans through the wide selection of heritage centres and archaeological remains.

Our favourite clan hot spots to visit along the route include Clann Gunn and Clan Sinclair.

Nestled in Latheron, discover the Clan Gunn Heritage centre & Museum the ultimate haven to commemorate one of the oldest and most northerly clans in Scotland!

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If you prefer the traditional knights and castles version of the past, Clan Sinclair’s sites are the one for you. Clan Sinclair are associated with several castles, two of which are here in Caithness! Why not stop by for lunch at our No.1 Bistro before visiting Castle of Mey and Castle Sinclair Girnigoe?

Click here for more tips on Mackays favourite NC500 hotspots.


You may be asking what’s brought on our sudden passion for the past? Well, call us keen but we can’t help but feel festive as this coming April is all about history!

6th April – It’s Tartan Day! Don on your finest kilt or clan’s tartan. It’s time to dress to impress with our country’s national dress. Be sure to come for a visit to see the Mackays staff flag our finest colours!

18th April – World Heritage Day. If you haven’t seen them personally, you’ve probably heard about the incredible cultural heritage sites situated across our country. Todays the day to celebrate these remains and raise awareness about the efforts that are needed to protect and conserve them!

27th April – Northern Roots. This April holds an incredible event to immerse in the history of Caithness.

The event marks the 20th anniversary of the annual event, combining a formal programme of talks for delegates with family history open to the public. With guest speakers from the Wick Society, Clan Davidson, don’t miss your chance to join the conference that has genealogy and ancestry enthusiasts flocking from across Scotland and beyond!

If you yourself have a soft spot for all things history and wish to participate in the annual conference of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies, we have a treat for you! Turn your conference into a mini-stayaway in the ancestral heart of some of Scotland’s greatest clans with our Northern Roots special offer. Stay with us at Mackays for a special rate of £75 per single room or $89 per double room.

For further details, contact us on: +44 1955 602323

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