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Mackays’ Brides: What to do for your out of town guests

Posted: April 2nd, 2019 | Posted in: General News, Weddings

One of the most endearing moments of any weddings is the gathering of loved ones from all four corners of the world to celebrate. As you may know, travelling from far and wide can be costly, which is why we’re here to help with a few handy tips to make your out-of-towners feel like VIPs.


Before the event:

  1. Save the Date

Cater to all your guests and provide plenty of time for guests from afar to begin planning their trip with a timely save the date.

From delicate tokens to informative invitations, including a list of local hotels in your cards can considerably ease the planning for those unfamiliar with your surrounding area!

Mackays top tip: limit your listed hotels to two/three neighbouring options so that larger groups of guests can meet and mingle with ease!

  1. All About the Details

To prevent any last-minute panics or lost relatives, prepare a complete itinerary and deliver it to each hotel’s reception so that your guests can receive it during check in. The itinerary should include the events scheduled over the course of the celebrations, with maps and a contact number for any questions your guest may have.

Mackays top tip: A month before the wedding, provide information about additional local amenities that may come in handy during the celebrations! If staying with us, make sure to speak with Ellie who will gladly provide an insight into locating the essential amenities within Caithness. Whether it’s dry cleaners, nail salons or top tips on the local attractions so that guests can entertain themselves – it is amazing how much a little effort can go to prevent any last-minute stress!


  1. Welcome One and All

Comfort your jet-lagged and weary travelers with a little something in their hotel rooms. Whether it’s a tin of local chocolates or a bottle of bubbly, imagine their delight upon receiving a little token of your appreciation in their efforts to join you for your special day.

Mackays top tip: If you would like a small token without the extortionate bill, we recommend gifting small samples of your favourite local produce! We know from experience that no one ever says no to a wee dram!

During and After the Event:

  1. Be Our Guest

When planning the seating at your wedding, we recommend seating some of your visiting guests with some of your more outgoing locals. Not only will this help make the unfamiliar more comfortable, but it is a great way of introducing your friends from all corners!

  1. For those who can’t make it

Sometimes travel just isn’t an option. However, this doesn’t mean that anyone needs to be excluded. Why not embrace the wonders of modern technology and live stream your event? This innovative albeit rather unusual form of communication might prove daunting to some, but it proves extremely helpful in cases where your nearest and dearest are unable to attend. For this tech savvy miracle to work, enquire with your videographer bout a live wedding webcast. To be there in real time, online guests can click on a link 10 minutes before the vows begin, sit back and relax in the best seat in (their) house.

  1. A Special Note

Once the celebrations are over, we recommend including a special note (in addition to your thank you for the gift!) just to explain how much you appreciate the effort that your out-of-towners made to be with you on your special day.


Whether a grand affair or an intimate gathering, nothing quite makes a celebration special than enjoying it with those you love. Catering for everyone can be a challenge; that’s where we come in.

With Mackays’ proud owner, Murray Lamont, having over 40 years’ experience in wedding planning and catering and a 20% discount for accommodation for wedding guests – you can be rest assured that your guests are in perfect hands.



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