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Outdoor Activities: Max & Bria’s favourite activities

Posted: June 5th, 2019 | Posted in: General News

If you haven’t met them personally, Max and Bria are Mackays’ favourite little helpers. Whether you chose to frequent our No.1 Bistro or spend an evening in one of our rooms, our furry friends take their roles very seriously in creating a comfortable experience for you and your four-legged friends.

That’s why this June we are introducing Max and Bria’s guide to the best places to go to in Caithness!

These paws were made for walking

Old Castle Wick:

If you are a fan of breath-taking landscapes, venture up the coastal paths of Wick towards the old castle of Wick! Be sure to stay away from the cliff edges though!

Reiss Beach/Sinclair Bay:

Miles of sandy beaches just for you and your doggie? What’s not to love! There are times during bird nesting season when dogs need to be kept on lead, however the local rangers are pretty good at posting signs as to when that is!

Dunnet Forest:

This walk provides the perfect weekend activity for the whole family! Sitting at the most northerly woodland community, there is something for everyone at Dunnet Forest! The forest includes a family zone, quiet zone and active zone as well as providing short walk and long walk paths that are suitable for all abilities.

Reiss Beach caithness outdoors activities wick

Beaches in Mind

Did you know that Caithness has a vast number of beaches perfect for walks! Here is a list of dog friendly beaches where you often can find Bria & Max on the weekends!

Brora Beach

This sandy beach contains several natural wonders that justify a weekend retreat from the city! Explore the remnants of the Jurassic period, with fossils and rocks scattered across the plane. If you’re more interested in the here and now, be sure to bring some binoculars! The beach is blessed with regular visitors such as dolphins, minke whales and grey & common seals.

Embo Beach

Peaceful, quiet and good for the soul, the vast expanse of clean, golden sands makes Embo beach a great destination for families and walkers. Along the beach there are views over Ben Bhraggie and the Dornoch Firth where the mudflats of the Dornoch Firth provide a habitat to a wide variety of migratory birds and species of butterfly.

North Golspie

About one hour’s drive from Inverness lies the attractive seaside town of Golspie. The historic fishing village has an interesting history and provides the perfect escape to a small seaside town. If you venture along the North beach you will discover a mixture of sand, shingle and rocks which curve around the bay, providing excellent views over the Moray Firth.

Golf Getaway

If you a day of adventures has you feeling slightly ruff, Mackays’ dog friendly apartments provide the perfect home away from home that’ll get those tails wagging!

Click here to find out how we can help you to travel Caithness with your dogs.


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