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A Not so Lonely Planet

Posted: July 30th, 2019 | Posted in: General News

Designed as a guide to bring the world closer together, the lonely planet is the ultimate guide into the great unknown. Always striving for excellence, Mackays are thrilled to announce that we now feature in their online guide, lonely planet destination!

Not only does this recognition motivate us to further develop exciting events of interest within the region but the continued efforts have received additional recognition.

Ranking in Top 10 Regions in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019, there’s no denying that North Scotland is the place to be this year!


So, what’s so great about the North?

The Highlands are renowned for its breath-taking scenery, history and heritage. From embracing the beauties of nature to sampling some of the country’s finest produce, it’s hard to miss a reason to venture north! However, for those of you who need further temptation, here’s a sneak preview of our favourite activities in North Scotland.


The Food

Regardless whether you’ve sampled the unique flavours of the Highlands for yourselves, the produce sourced from Northern Scotland is incomparable. With award winning produce such as the Mey Selections, you can be sure that you are tasting the freshest and finest produce the wild North hosts. If you crave exquisite fusions of traditional flavours, then the North is the place for you.

Mackays No. 1 Bistro
Mackays No. 1 Bistro

The Refreshments

For those of you yet to sample it, there’s no doubt you’ve missed our ‘whisky boom’. Deemed as ‘the essence of the Highlands’, you could say that as a nation we are proud of our fine distillers. Listing the beauties of Northern Scotland would not be complete without acknowledging the true experience of visiting the history behind your favourite drams. Whether it’s a guided tour to special event, participating in the spirit of whisky is one sure fire way to absorb our culture.

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Iconic Landmarks

History oozes out of the highland terrains. With every car ride brings the opportunity to discover the past whether by heritage centre or archaeological site. These historic riches are rare in their dynamic, with notable landmarks including Dunrobin Castle, the Castle of Mey and Whaligoe Steps.

Castle of Mey

Introduction to nature

One of the greatest gems of North Scotland is the abundance of nature around you. As the wild grows over forgotten villages, there is an abundance of walks and hikes over ancient sites and natural wonders. With preserved flows such as the RSPB conservations, lose yourself in the raw beauty in Scotland’s wildlife in their natural habitat.

Flow Country


Warm Welcome

Above all else, a visit to Northern Scotland would not be complete without receiving our infamous Highland welcome. After a day of travelling, what better way to unwind than with a hearty meal and a warm bed. At Mackays, we make sure that all our guest’s experiences are tailored to their preferences. Make a base in Caithness’ favourite home away from home as you explore John O’ Groats and beyond.

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