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Mackays’ Supplier Series: Mey Selections

Posted: August 4th, 2019 | Posted in: Mackays' Supplier Series

Located on the Coast of Caithness, the Castle of Mey has come to embody the finest of Scottish produce. With the introduction of the North Highland Initiative in 2005, the Duke of Rothesay aimed to foster closer connections between farmers, fine food producers and consumers under the umbrella of Mey Selections.

mey selections caithness food scotland highlands

This connection is formed through bringing the natural goodness of the Caithness region to a wide range of customers while ensuring a sustainable future for local farmers and producers.

With Scotland’s long history of quality livestock production, the Mey Selections are responsible for selecting and sourcing supplies of the highest quality farming and food products from the North Highlands. The Highland’s traditional production methods ensure that Mey Selections beef is given extra flavour through skilful processing techniques such as dry ageing, slow chilling and a special suspension method during maturation.


So, where does Mackays fit in?

As part of our aim to provide guests with the best quality produce from the local area, our owner Murray Lamont was proud to receive a ‘Mey Selections’ certificate a few years ago.

mackays hotel mey selections award food scottish highlands

This certificate recognises our commitment, certifying that the produce we use is within 100 miles from the Castle of Mey. Our selection of Mey Selections goods extends across your favourites such as the Rock Rose Gin to the traditional flavours of Smoked Salmon.

mackays suppliers mey selection food produce highlands schotland


If you’d like to sample the wide variety of the fresh goodness of the Highlands under one roof, we invite you to pop by our No.1 Bistro!

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