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Mackays’ Malts: October Edition 2019

Posted: September 26th, 2019 | Posted in: General News

This month we are shining a spotlight on another favourite Scotch Whisky – Scapa Skiren. The name is inspired by the Old Norse word for “glittering bright skies”, and the bottle is definitely a shining addition to Mackays Bar.

Scapa is run by 5 artisans, and artisans they are. They use traditional methods, and their island environment to produce a unique, artisanal island malt.

scapa whsiky
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But don’t let the island surroundings of the distillery fool you – Scapa has a unique process that allows surprisingly sweet and tropical flavours to come through in the malt.

They have adapted to and exploited the island they call home; harnessing the running water during the mashing stage, avoiding evaporation in the harsh climate and adapting to the unpredictable weather during malting.

The maturing of the malt, using handpicked, first-fill American oak casks, brings out a soft vanilla taste.

The Skiren joined the Scapa family in 2015 and is favoured for its strong honey notes. We love it for the warmth and richness that comes from the honey, vanilla and oak combination.

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