A Winter Break in the Highlands

The Scottish Highlands may not be the first place you think of for a winter getaway, but we’re here to change your mind! The days may be shorter, and you’ll have to wear a couple of layers during your adventures, but there’s still so much fun to be had. There are sights and experiences that you won’t get any other time of year in the Highlands, so start planning your winter break…

Things to do this winter in the Highlands

Scenic walks

A Scottish stag standing in braken in the rain

Walking alongside frosty paths and seeing a flurry of snow settle on the peaks and hills of the Highlands is worth making the trip this winter. Every photo you’ll take will be Christmas card-worthy and the envy of family and friends back home!

Northern lights

Mackays Hotel in Wick lit up at night

The long dark nights may mean less exploring, but it’s the perfect time to witness the Northern Lights! Being in the North of Scotland means we just have to look up on a clear night to be in with a chance of seeing the beautiful phenomenon. Stay up until midnight for the best chance of spotting it!

Skiing in Scotland

If you’re planning a longer trip around the North Coast, experiencing skiing in the Highlands is a must! The natural terrain is ideal for ski-lovers, but you can also find beginner courses if you’re feeling adventurous.

Festive food and drink

The cold nights of winter are the perfect excuse to eat all the best Scottish comfort foods during your trip. After all, you’ll need something filling and warming after a fun-packed day out! You’ll get to taste festive menus, such as the one from our No 1 Bistro. And of course, it’s not a winter warmer if it’s not washed down with a whisky dram or hot toddy. Luckily, Mackays Bar has you covered, with over 400 malt whiskies to choose from!

Cosy nights

After an exciting day and a delicious evening meal, you’ll want to cosy up for the night. Mackays Hotel knows comfort – think plush throws, relaxing baths and hot mugs of tea all from the comfort of your hotel room. Snuggle up and get ready for another fun day in the Highlands!

If we’ve managed to tempt you to visit us over the next few months, get in touch to start planning your trip!

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