Plan your dog-friendly wedding in Scotland

Are you planning a wedding and can’t imagine celebrating your special day without your furry friend by your side? At Mackays Hotel in Wick, Scotland, we understand the bond between couples and their dogs. We are delighted to offer a dog-friendly wedding experience to make your dream day complete.

Lesbian wedding couple in white dresses with two dogs on a red carpet and wedding arch above.
Dogs are part of the family so why not include them in your wedding day.

Tips for having your dog at your wedding

Picking a dog-friendly wedding venue

The first step in planning a dog-friendly wedding is choosing the right venue. Mackays Hotel welcomes dogs in a beautiful and accommodating setting. When selecting a venue, check it has plenty of outdoor space for your dog. This is so your dog can relax and take time out from the event.

How to plan a dog-friendly wedding

Consider your dog’s personality and comfort level when planning their involvement. From the ceremony to the reception, think about how your dog will handle the environment and the number of guests. Having a dedicated person in charge of the dog on the day can help manage your pet’s needs and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Dog Chaperones

A dog chaperone is a professional who takes care of your dog throughout the wedding day. They manage feeding, walking and any necessary calming techniques, allowing you to focus on your celebration. This service is especially useful if your dog tends to get anxious or needs extra attention.

Happy couple plays with funny dog on the lawn
Outside space is important for your dog-friendly wedding.

How to involve your dog in your wedding ceremony

  1. Dog of Honour / Doggy Best Man – Your bridal party is made up of your best friends, so why not include your dog? Have them team up with the best man or maid of honour to walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to accessorise your dog to match the bridal party.
  2. Walk you down the aisle – If you don’t have a human to walk you down the aisle, your dog can step in. Ensure they walk slowly and don’t excitedly pull you up the aisle.
  3. Join you at the altar – For dogs that are a bit needy, having them join you at the altar is a great option. Make sure someone is on standby to take the lead if they get too excited by all the guests.
  4. Sit in the front row – For calmer dogs, sitting in the front row with someone they know is a perfect choice. They can relax and enjoy the ceremony while staying close by.
  5. Ring Bearer – If your dog has great recall and isn’t easily distracted, they might make the perfect ring bearer. This role requires a well-trained dog to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Dog ring bearer. Cute portrait of puppy dog border collie holding two golden wedding rings on nose, close up.
The cutest ring bearer.

Bringing your dog from abroad for your wedding

Organising a wedding from abroad requires some extra planning, especially if you are considering bringing your dog along. Make sure to check airline policies and necessary health certifications well in advance. It’s also a good idea to get your dog accustomed to their travel crate and the journey ahead. Once you arrive, you’ll find Mackays Hotel offers a range of dog-friendly accommodations. We ensure your pet feels at home and ready to participate in your special day.

Alternative ways to include your dog in your wedding

If you want to include your dog in your wedding day but feel that having them there in person isn’t suitable for any reason, there are many alternative ways to include your furry friend. You can incorporate dog-themed wedding favours such as dog-shaped biscuits or personalised gifts. Include images of your dog on place cards, seating plans and invitations. You could even create a signature drink named after your dog to be available from the bar.

Outdoor marriage ceremony for male gay couple with dog at wedding ceremony.
Let’s plan your dog friendly wedding at Mackays Hotel!

Happily fur-ever after at Mackays Hotel

At Mackays Hotel, we have a lot of experience hosting dog-friendly weddings. Whether you choose to have your dog walk down the aisle or sit in the front row, we are here to make your dream wedding a reality.

Wedding couple holding hands with dog paw over ,dog lover concept.
Include your dog in your wedding photography to create lasting memories.

Ready to plan your dog-friendly wedding in Scotland? Contact our wedding coordinator at Mackays Hotel in Wick to start planning the wedding day of your dreams, including your dog.

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