Hidden Spots In The North of Scotland

If you are looking for some Hidden Gems in Caithness, Mackays Hotel offers the perfect place to rest up between explorations. So read on for our latest blog on what to do when visiting the North Coast of Scotland on holiday.

Sometimes, the most memorable parts of a holiday are places off the beaten track, after you’ve read the map wrong and stumbled across a hidden gem. If you don’t fancy getting lost in the Highlands, we’ve put together a few undiscovered spots near us. But don’t tell anyone else, they’re a secret!

Keiss Castle

Perched precariously on the edge of a cliff, you’ll have to travel through Keiss village to find this historic site. Keiss Castle is a perfect day trip, only 7 miles North of us and a coastal walk to find the ruins. The castle is said to have been the favourite residence of George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness. Now it’s a dramatic coastal ruin with an equally impressive coastal walk to reach it. Take a walk at sunset to get the most impressive photo!

Nybster Broch

Nybster Brochs are Iron-age ruins, easily recognised by their round, thick walls. Caithness is famous for having more Brochs than anywhere else in Scotland! There’s an air of mystery around these ancient brochs, a 2000-year-old souvenir of a different way of life. A nearby broch in Nybster is a must-see, one of the more complete examples of a broch in the North of Scotland. There’s a beautiful coastal walk to get there, and the nearby Caithness Broch Centre is a great place to find out more about the area’s history.

Old St Peter's Church ruins in Thurso, Caithness

Old St Peter’s Kirk

If you’re planning a trip to Thurso, don’t miss this old church building! The Old Kirk is a great stop after walking along Thurso’s harbour. The first thing you’ll notice is the striking window, carved from a single slab of stone. It changes the Category A listed building from unassuming to unmissable. You’ll get some great photos and a good walk around Thurso town!

Shortest Street in the World

We don’t like to brag, but we’re a hidden gem too! Our hotel is located on Ebenezer Place, the shortest street in the world. In the centre of Wick, we’re a great pitstop for some food or dram of whisky before exploring the town some more. Get a photo and then come in for a meal at our No 1 Bistro!

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