A Summer Fling In The Highlands

Scotland is full of rich history and traditions, highland dancing being one of them. And we love Highland Dancing so much we host a Scottish festival especially for it! So, join us for annual The Highland Fling Festival each summer. Ittakes place in Lybster, in August. And is a chance for the local community and visitors from across the world to be involved in a celebration of Scottish culture and traditions. So, come along and experience our Highland crafts studios and join us for a wonderful summer holiday in Caithness.

Highland Crafts Studios

So, you want to experience Scotland? First stop has to be The Highland Fling Festival! Hosted by North Lands Creative, a contemporary art studio, and gallery in our neighboring town. Here they focus on glass as an art form. And an art form it truly is! As such, this makes the festival extra special, with a rare glimpse into the glass community and its history through time via demonstrations and wonderfully creative talks.

Plus, this is a free Scottish festival. Yes, the event is completely free and offers a great way to spend a weekend in the Highlands – expect local crafts, food, and performances over the weekend!

But what is a Highland Fling?

Two Highland dancers doing a fling

A Highland Fling is a dance. As such, the festival is named after the iconic Highlands dance, the Highland Fling. It is the oldest traditional dance of Scotland and legend has it that it began as a warrior’s dance of triumph and victory. Now it has become a popular dance for competitions and performances like the ones you’ll see at the festival!

Experience this festival and so much more in the North of Scotland, ‘fling’ yourself to Caithness and  book a weekend away with Mackays!

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