Mackays Hotel referenced in “Treasure Island”

As you may know, Mackays Hotel sits on the world’s shortest street. But did you know that it is referenced in the adventure book, “Treasure Island”? Well, now you do. Read on to find out where!

Mackays Hotel referenced in the treasure island in Wick lit up at night

Robert Louis Stevenson in Wick

The author’s father, Alexander Sinclair, returned from America to Scotland in 1883 and built what is now Mackays Hotel. Moreover, the council asked him to put a name on the short end of the building. They did so as they deemed it a street. And that’s the story of how Ebenezer Place appeared in the town’s records from 1887.

A view of Ebenezer street,mentioned in the treasure island, the shortest street in the world

So what does this have to do with the novel, you ask? Well, Robert was suffering from an illness that often kept him bedridden. However, he spent that time writing some of his most popular work ‘Treasure Island,’ ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.’ As he wasn’t able to go on adventures himself, he wrote about them. He used names of real towns, places, streets of his surroundings in his novels to help create the stories.

Ebenezer Place referenced in “Treasure Island”

At one point, Robert Louis Stevenson spent some time in Wick, while his father built the new breakwater in the bay. As mentioned before, Stevenson would incorporate names of places he stayed at or visited in his novels. This time was no different. You can see the reference to Ebenezer Place in his book ‘Treasure Island’. It is mentioned in the 5 hand way, which represents Union Street, River Street, Bridge Street, Station Road and Cliff Road. So, since Mackays Hotel sits on Ebenezer Place you can say that it was referenced as the 3rd hand in the famous adventure novel! The hotel sure is a place worth visiting for all the extraordinary stories it holds!

Mackays Hotel behind the arched bridge going over Wick River

Begin your search at Mackays Hotel

Situated on the shortest street in the world, Mackays Hotel holds high standards and offers comfortable rooms. Originality doesn’t just stop with the shortest street in the world. The hotel is built in the shape of a trapezoid and its narrower side is the entrance and the only address on the street!

Staying at Mackays Hotel means exploring the north of Scotland. It’s at the centre of Caithness and close to other attractions like the village of John O’Groats and the Castle of Old Wick. A great place to begin the search for your own treasure island!

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