Mackays’ Supplier Series: Old Pulteney Distillery

Old Pulteney Distillery is just a stone’s throw from Mackays hotel, which makes us even more proud to have their famous malt whisky sitting on our bar shelf.

Our favourite, the 12-year-old, has an intense aroma with a hint of sea air. A taste of the sweet, spicy and faintly salty whisky will always bring you back to your trip to Wick.

Not only do they produce a whisky that captures the North of Scotland so perfectly, but they also offer a great whisky-themed day out. Their visitor centre allows you to tour the distillery and find out how their Scotch is crafted. There is also the chance to hand bottle your very own Old Pulteney!

What makes Old Pulteney so special?

Their origin in Wick to the love Old Pulteney receives across the world is a credit to how great their whisky is. They have kept the traditional craftsmanship that helped them make their name all the way back in 1826.

If you ask for a dram at Mackays bar, you’ll understand why Old Pulteney Distillery has stood the test of time!

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