Our local hidden gems

Come and stay at Mackays Hotel and explore all of our local hidden gems!

During your stay at Mackays Hotel, take a day out to explore some of the more overlooked things to do in Wick, Caithness. We have so many wonderful things to see when you visit that will have you in awe. The only thing you need to figure out is how to see them all. Below we have created a list of our local hidden gems …

Art and history

Art exhibition by day or indulge in musical sensations at night. Wick’s Lyth Art Centre is a must-see for the art lovers. Or for those interested in discovering their Caithness ancestry or have a flair for searching through the past, you will receive a warm welcome at Nucleus: the Nuclear and Caithness Archives. Then there is the St Fergus Gallery which is located in the old library. The mixture of art and the impressive building’s design will leave you in awe.

Ancient castles

This Castle of Old Wick is an old Nordic castle and port, once of great importance to the town’s earliest settlers and to the heritage of Clan Sinclair. Placed along the sea coast relax with the calming presence of the vast blue of sky and sea. Then why not walk along the coastline and find the natural swimming and rock pools known locally as the ‘Trinkie’. While here, come up close and personal with the sea coasts wildlife. Then relax while dipping your toes in the natural pools as the waves crash along the cliffs.

Whisky and heritage

Awarded World Whisky of the Year for their 21-year-old (2012), Pulteney Distillery is a must-see to truly embrace the essence of Wick. Having thrived during Wick’s herring glory, Old Pulteney was one of the 50 pubs that were involved in serving 500 gallons of Whisky a day! Or why not walk through the untold stories of Wicks ancestors and explore the craftsmanship behind Wick’s famous herring port? For a small donation, Wick Heritage Centre is a great way to spend an afternoon for those looking to get in touch with the past.

Wick and Reay golf courses

Dying to lower your handicap? Why not practice your swing on some highland terrain? Explore the rugged landscapes of Caithness through your love of golf. With two hidden gems, the Wick and Reay golf courses! With the Mackays Golf Package, you’ll have the chance to perfect your swing, experience some of the finest food in the Highlands and try award-winning whiskies from Old Pulteney and Wolfburn Distilleries.