Our Scottish whisky picks

Scotland and whisky are a match made in heaven. Scottish whisky is a favourite world-wide, and for good reason. That’s why, at Mackays, we have a collection of truly delectable whisky brands available for all of our guests to enjoy during their stay. Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur or you’ve just started dipping your toe into the world of malt versus single grain, Mackays Whisky Bar has something for you.

To get your tastebuds tingling, take a look at some of our top picks from the Mackays’ expertly-chosen whisky list.

Something local . . .

Scottish whisky is well-rounded, expertly made, handcrafted . . . and Mackays have some of the best local selections out there. Anyone taking a trip to Wick, whether it’s a day out or a few nights stay in the luxury rooms at Mackays, absolutely has to try at least one of the local whisky’s on offer.

Whisky from the Scottish Highlands

For those interested in aged Malts, we have a delightful bottle of Mackays Special Reserve 1972. Aged 37 years, the bottle is 58.86%. It has deep, smooth rich woody flavours. Those who are into something a little fruitier may be interested in the D. Rattray 14, a malt that is full of rich toffee flavours, sultanas, stewed apples and a wonderful depth of taste. 

When it comes to single malts, there are plenty of delicious options from the Highlands. Customers may wish to opt for the Fettercairn Fior, a 42% single malt with flavours of smoke, sherry, toffee, vanilla and oranges. Or, for something more simple, there is the Ardmore Traditional Unchillfiltered. A 46% bottle of single malt that is full of toasted oak flavours.

Glass of Scottish whiskey with ice on rustic whiskey barrel on a wooden table
Scottish whisky on the rocks


Speyside has some wonderful aged malts on offer, and we house a selection of them. We have a D. Rattray Cask collection, including the Longmorn 1990, a fragrant and nutty, vanilla flavoured whisky. And the Capedronich 1980, a nutty, toasted citrus and cheesecake flavoured whisky with a cheeky dash of cinnamon.

Speyside is also home to some wonderful single malts, like the Bernie’s 15-year-old Flora and Fauna. A 43% doughy whisky with intense flavours of toffee chip biscuits, floral notes and a rounded sweetness. There’s also the option of the sublimely medicinal, grassy and heather flavoured whisky, the Ben Riach Curiositas.


Islay has a truly unique selection of whisky, and we have hand-picked our favourites from what’s on offer. The D. Rattray Cask Collection 15 is a smoky, fresh and seaweedy liquor like no other.

And Bowmore’s 12 year old whisky, with a sweet and delicious honey flavour.

Whisky barrels at Bowmore Distillery
A sweet and delicious honey flavour

North Highlands

Looking to drink something made right at the top of the country? Right at the peak of Highlands, there are plenty of brilliant to try. You can try Old Pulteney 15yr, a fruity whisky with apples and citrus and just a dash of chocolate. Or perhaps you’re more interested in trying Old Pulteney 21yr, a gingery balanced and delicate mineral-salted spiciness. Either way, you’re in for a tasty experience.

The Lowlands

Single malts from the Lowlands are full of flavour, and we have two great examples on board: the Auchentoshan American Oak, a citrus-flavoured, toffee and milk chocolate flavoured liquor. Or the Cutty Sark, a sherried peel, smokey, barley flavoured whisky packed to the brim with taste.

If a blended Scottish whisky is more your thing?

What about a delightful blended whisky like the Chivas Regal, a 12 year old 40% bottle that has a creamy mixture of vanilla custard, hints of aniseed, butter toffee and wood shavings. All blended together for a well-rounded taste. Or, perhaps you could have a wee dram of our Canadian Club Whisky? A barley sugar and aniseed liquor with cut grass, fennel and a hint of straw.

There are countless options at Mackays for whisky lovers, and these are just some of our favourites. Find your own favourite whisky at Mackays and let us know which one you’ve picked!

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