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Mackays Hotel

Luxury Hotel Accommodation in the centre of Wick, Caithness

Category: Weddings

Saying ‘I Do’ with Mackays

  They say your wedding is the most important day of your life, an exciting saying which no doubt can lead to rather daunting preparations. This mission to create the perfect celebration is not one you need to face alone, with local events such as the Caithness Wedding … Read more…

Mackays’ Bride: Saying ‘I Do’ in Spring

Spring is, without a doubt, a beautiful time of year to tie the knot. Spring time symbolises brightness and rebirth, making it a lovely time to begin a new chapter in your life. It’s a time when the flowers are blooming, and everything is fresh, creating the perfect … Read more…

Guiding you through the engagement season

Have you noticed an oddly large number of engagement ring photos on your Facebook/ Instagram feeds? Don’t be alarmed it isn’t just you! ‘Tis the season of saying ‘I Do!’ That’s right folks, love is in the air. Whether you’ve finally found your true love, or your best … Read more…

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