Fishing holidays in Scotland

Are you an angler looking for prime fishing spots for a fishing holiday in Scotland? Look no further than Wick, where the fishing season in Scotland kicks off in January for salmon and in March for trout. If you are planning a fishing trip, Mackays Hotel is your ideal base. We are conveniently located just a 10-minute drive from the renowned Wick River.

View on bridge over Wick River, Wick, Scotland.
Wick River is a hot spot for salmon and trout fishing in Scotland.

Wick River

The Wick River might not be the widest, but it’s the second largest salmon fishing river in Caithness. Its long stretches of slow moving water make fly fishing challenging but is available all season. Worm fishing is also very common here, unlike other northern rivers. Worm fishing runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of August. About half of all salmon caught in the Wick River are reeled in using this method. You could also give Spinning a go, this season runs from the 11th of February to the 15th of May. Prawn or shrimp fishing isn’t allowed on the Wick River. Whatever method you choose Wick is the perfect place for a fishing holiday in Scotland.

If you are planning on visiting Scotland for salmon or trout fishing here’s all you need to know about the season and where to get permits in Wick.

Fishing season in Scotland

The salmon and sea trout fishing season on the Wick River runs from the 11th of February to the 12th of October. The best fishing typically happens between May and September, with summer months seeing the most action. However, good fishing in the summer relies on sufficient rainfall to maintain the river’s water levels and attract salmon and sea trout from the sea.

An unidentified man fly fishing on the Wick River.
Fly fishing is available all season on Wick River.

Where to fish?

The Wick Angling Association manages salmon and sea trout fishing between Loch Watten and Wick. With more than 20 pools available, there’s no shortage of spots to cast your line. Permits are essential for visiting anglers and adults can get one from £20 per day.

Getting your permit

Season permits are exclusively available to residents of the Royal Burgh of Wick or the Parishes of Wick and Watten. If you’re from outside these areas, you’re not eligible for a season permit. However, you can still purchase daily or weekly visitor permits to enjoy fishing in the area. You can purchase permits online or from Hugo Ross, a trusted tackle shop in Wick. Make sure to secure your permit before heading out for a day of fishing along the Wick River. Be aware that visitor permits are restricted to a maximum of 10 per day due to the popularity of this fishing area.

Freshly caught brown trout with lake in the background.
Brown Trout fishing on Wick River.

Where to stay?

After a long day of fishing, unwind and relax at Mackays Hotel. Located just a short 10-minute drive from the river, Mackays offers comfortable accommodation and convenient access to local amenities. Mackays Hotel offers hotel rooms and self-catering accommodation options to suit your fishing holiday. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, our cosy rooms and friendly service ensure a pleasant stay.

Photo of made up room at Mackays Hotel
Comfort is key.

What are you waiting for? Plan your fishing trip to Wick now and enjoy the fishing season in Scotland, catching salmon and trout along the beautiful Wick River. Mackays Hotel is the ideal place to stay, offering everything you need for a great fishing adventure. Don’t miss your chance to explore one of Scotland’s best fishing spots – book your stay at Mackays Hotel today.

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