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History and Heritage

Heritage & History

"Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints" and enjoy the untouched past of Scottish Highlands!

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Highland History and Heritage

Explore our Highland history with these local Caithness sites, museums and heritage centres.

Wick Heritage Centre

No visit to Caithness would be complete without a tour of the award-winning Wick Heritage Centre, run by Wick Society on an entirely voluntary basis. All the items are on loan by individuals or their families. So ensuring a genuine and personal look through the history of the area.

Dunbeath Heritage Centre

The Dunbeath Heritage Centre museum offers an ample selection of goodies for those interested in a documented outlook of the past. Providing research data, photographs, manuscripts and items of local culture. It also operates workshops for a truly informative outlook of Highland history.

Timespan Centre

The award-winning Timespan Centre creates the bridge between the past and present of Sutherland. Featuring a cafe, herb garden and geology garden, Timespan makes for an excellent day of history and nature.

Caithness Horizons

The Caithness Horizons Museum holds a permanent exhibition telling the story of Caithness from the Devonian period (around 400 million years ago) to the present day. Temporary exhibitions feature, as well as works from local artists, in this magnificent journey into the heart and soul of Caithness.

Castlehill Heritage Centre

The Castlehill Heritage Centre aims to operate for both visitor enjoyment and as an educational resource. It holds a variety of exhibitions, which focus around the heritage and social history of Castletown.

Strathnaver Museum

Discover the vibrant culture inherited from Sutherland’s Gaelic and Norse Ancestors at Strathnaver Museum. Keeping the spirit of tradition thriving, this museum explores the nearly forgotten world of old Scotland and has a special feature of the ancestry of Clan Mackay!

Dunrobin Castle

Dating back to the 1300s, this most northerly of Scottish houses has been home to many Earls and later, the Duke of Sutherland. With 189 rooms to view, plus a breath-taking garden, Dunrobin Castle is a day trip not to be missed!

Castle of Mey

Those looking to walk down the paths of Royalty look no further than the Castle of Mey. Bought by the Queen Mother in 1952, this charming and isolated castle and gardens is guaranteed to make for an excellent family outing.

Castle of Old Wick

Step into the former stronghold of Wick. Walk along the coastline of this Caithness village and explore the remnants of the Nordic castle. Built around the 1100s, the Castle of Old Wick is perched on the far coast of Wick. Known as ‘The Old Man of Wick’, much of it has collapsed, but its dramatic tower remains.

Camster Cairns

The Neolithic Chambered Grey Cairns of Camster are among the oldest structures in Scotland. Built over 5000 years ago, step back in time and walk through ancient burial grounds.

Castle Of Old Wick
Castle Of Old Wick
Grey Cairns of Camster
Grey Cairns of Camster
Wick Heritage Museum
Wick Heritage Centre
Castle of Mey
Castle of Mey


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