Nybster Broch
Discover the ancient Iron Age ruins of Nybster Broch in Caithness, Scotland. Just 10 miles north of Mackays Hotel.

Visit Nybster Broch in Caithness

Nybster Broch, a Caithness hidden gem

Brochs are Iron Age ruins, easily recognised by their round, thick walls. Caithness is famous for having more brochs than anywhere else in Scotland! There’s an air of mystery around these ancient brochs, a 2000-year-old remnant of a different way of life. A nearby broch in Nybster is a must-see, one of the more complete examples of a broch in the north of Scotland. Inhabited for over a thousand years. There’s a beautiful coastal walk to get there. What’s more, the Caithness Broch Centre is a great place to find out more about the area’s history.

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Nybster Broch and Keiss Castle walk

From Nybster Broch car park (off the A99) the broch is just a short walk along the coastline. You can combine this walk with a visit to the nearby Keiss Castle, along with a trip to Caithness Broch Centre, where you’ll learn more about this remarkable landmark. Walking directions.


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Nybster Harbour in Caithness Scotland
View from Nybster Harbour in Caithness Scotland

Caithness Broch Centre

Just a short walk from Nybster Broch, the Caithness Broch Centre in Auckengill is a small museum dedicated to the history of brochs in the area. Located in an old Victorian school house, the museum displays collections of historic artefacts relating to these ancient brochs.

Caithness Broch Project

A grass roots charity with big plans

Despite the overwhelming number of historical sites across Caithness, very little is done to promote them! That’s where the Caithness Broch Project steps in; an exciting, grass-roots charity. By rebuilding a broch using the same techniques as the original builders, the project seeks to preserve and provide an insight into the lives of people originating from the Iron Age.

The Broch Project is working hard to promote and rebuild the historical significance of Caithness and you can take part too! The project offers a range of outreach events and conservational efforts. To uncover the hidden past of Caithness or if you take an interest in preserving the Highland’s heritage sites, explore the Broch Project’s website for further information and ways you can get involved.

Caithness history and heritage

Explore more local history with Mackays

Mackays Hotel is located in a historic area, with so much to discover during your stay with us. So, find more history and heritage sites in the far north of Scotland, and check out lots of other great things to do near Wick in our See and Do Guide.

Nybster coast at sunrise

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