Wick Heritage Museum
Visit Wick Heritage Museum for an insight into our town's long and fascinating history, through an extensive collection of local objects and stories.

Step back in time at Wick Heritage Museum

Visiting the Wick Heritage Museum

Wick’s fascinating local history museum allows you a unique glimpse into the past. Wick Heritage Museum is located on Bank Row in Wick, in a building that once contained family homes and businesses. Here, you’ll find several rooms, offering a window into the past. Each room is fitted with old furnishings and objects, to show you how people lived here many years ago.

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The Wick Society

The museum is run by the Wick Society, an organisation that preserves and promotes Wick’s heritage for future generations. The society has been collating and expanding its collections for decades, obtaining objects with strong local connections, and putting together a wide variety of historical displays.


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Rooms and exhibits

There are over twenty rooms within the museum, each with its own theme. For example, you can explore an old classroom, inspired by the history of local primary schools. Then, you can visit the Fishing Hall and view various boats and vintage fishing equipment. There’s also a 1920s kitchen, furnished with period cooking equipment and utensils. Explore the rooms.

Museum highlights

Things to see at Wick Heritage Museum

In addition to the period-dressed rooms at the museum, other highlights include the Johnston Collection, a family photography collection, picturing life in Caithness between 1863 and 1975. And Wick Voices, the museum’s oral history section, which collects and records real stories told by the area’s residents over the years. Plus, within the Fishing Hall, don’t miss the Isabella Fortuna, a traditional Fifie fishing vessel, launched in 1890, used by generations of the Smith family for some 86 years!

Caithness history and heritage

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The ruins of Keiss Castle, Scottish Highlands

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